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Crafting Tomorrow

At Carbon Copy, we strive to shape a brighter, more vibrant, and inclusive future. Our approach is grounded in the thoughtful integration of ethical and interdisciplinary insights, serving as foundational pillars for sustainable innovation and societal growth.

Elevating Your Skills for a Complex World
At Carbon Copy, we're not just following the future—we're setting its pace. We equip you with the critical thinking and dialogue skills necessary to excel in a world that demands smart solutions. It's time to transform your potential into action.

A New Epoch of Enlightenment

Igniting a contemporary renaissance, we're refining society's wisdom and discourse to address pressing global issues.

Evolving Problem-Solving

Our initiative nurtures the evolution of problem-solving and dialogue, equipping minds to sculpt and navigate tomorrow's solutions.


Clarity and Integrity

Rooted in clarity and integrity, we champion transparent, open discourse for the collective pursuit of truth.  Each conversation and decision is grounded in informed, discerning understanding.

Enhancing Civic Dynamism

We amplify democratic dynamism, fostering informed engagement and solution-driven community participation.

About Carbon Copy 

Carbon Copy is an independent non-profit from Zurich, Switzerland, founded in 2021. We aim to foster public discussion on critical future topics, creating a free, open-access media environment that boosts our collective problem-solving capacity and reverses political alienation, contributing towards a fair, sustainable, and resilient humanity

Meet the Team

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