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As our world transforms with rapid advancements in technology and science, citizens need to shape the future actively. Dialog 2.0, a series of events is a step in this direction, fostering meaningful conversations about complex yet important topics.


Dialog 2.0 aims to make learning and ‘arguing’ about future politics fun, is that possible? We interweave stimulating discussions and interactive exercises with enjoyable social activities, such as music and dancing. We aim to cultivate a dynamic atmosphere that promotes open and productive dialogue. Navigating complex conversations beyond echo chambers and hate speech. We aim to sharpen dialog skills and improve collective learning, sensemaking, and problem-solving. 


Our mission is to inspire you to recognize your role in co-creating the ever-changing social contract of society. Let's not forget that ​​in a democracy, the primary responsibility for ensuring good governance rests on the shoulders of the voting population.

We look forward to seeing you at the next event. 

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